Only passion and stubbornness have made it possible to realise a dream that was considered impossible by many and so a big gamble has finally paid off due to the results we have today.

The gamble was made by those who bought the dilapidated ‘Vigna du Bertin’ (Bertin’s Vineyard) together with those who are committed to producing good wine, indeed a great wine with professionalism and dedication, namely Maurizio Armeni; an agronomist, winemaker, Vigneron and a true smallholder.

After the great task of clearing and preparing the soil that occupies the small ‘Valacca’ hill, in the spring of 2012, the appellation of both ‘Carignano’ vines, a typical red wine from ‘Sulcis’, and ‘Vermentino’s barbatelle’ vines, a white wine from southern Sardinia was decided and planted.

In October 2012 the young vines were well formed and from the following year it was possible to make the first vintage of Vermentino di Sardegna DOC; It’s name ‘Ribotta’ (from the Genoese for party).

Our red wine became ‘U Galante Russu’ (from the Genoese for fiancée).  In 2013, changing name in Bertin, it was possible to label the vintage Carignano del Sulcis DOC.

From July 2014 until now, about half of the vines have been removed from both vineyards in order to give better quality to the produced wine and the result has finally come.

Passion and love, as well as financial effort and dedication to this work honours the wonderful St. Pietro Island and its village… Carloforte!